Vichada River

The Vichada river runs all over the department of the same name. It crosses the Mataven rainforest and flows into the Orinoco river.

It is an uncharted river for any sport fishing activity, making it easier to find big peacock bass specimens that can easily surpass the mythical barrier of 20 lbs.

The owner of the lodge we work with has reached an agreement with the indigenous tribe Sikuani, which has given us special permission to fish in lagoons and zones of the river that had never been open to the public before. Without this permission, any sport fishing activity in this area would not be possible.

We will only make groups of maximum 10 people per week in order to reduce as much as possible the impact on the waters and species of this river.

The peacock bass is not the only species that inhabit the waters of the Vichada River, we can also find the vampire fish, a fast and hard to catch fish. Moreover, the sardinata real, the tambaqui, the dogtooth characin, the corvina, the catfish, among others are also part of the wide variety of species that we can run into when fishing in this river’s waters (which is only comparable to the one we can find in seawaters).

As the cabins where our guests will stay are located close to the shore of the Vichada River, we can offer a wide fishing schedule from 6 am to 6 pm (you can attempt to catch some catfish in the afternoon too).


Fishing Agenda

Day 1: Arrival to the International Airport of Bogotá. Guests will be welcomed by the organization at the airport; then, they will be taken to their corresponding hotels.

Day 2: Flight from Bogotá to Puerto Inírida. Transport by ship to the lodge’s cabins is also included (this route can take from 3 to 4 hours, depending on the river’s conditions).

Day 3 to 9: Enjoy 7 full days of fishing (from 6 am to 6 pm).

Day 10: Return to Puerto Inírida and flight to Bogotá. Transportation to the hotel.

Day 11: Flight back to country of origin.

What does it include?

This adventure includes:

-7 full days of fishing activities.

-8 nights at the lodge’s cabins (for 2 people).

-All the meals at the lodge.

-All drinks at the lodge.

-Native fishing guide from the Sikuani community (One guide per two people).

-Accommodation in Bogotá (double room) on the day of arrival and on the day before departure. Breakfast is included. *If you wish to get a single room, a $25 USD additional charge will apply per day.

-Roundtrip tickets from Bogotá to Puerto Inírida.

What is not included?

-Flight tickets from country of origin to Colombia.

-Meals and drinks in Bogota and Puerto Inírida.

-Laundry service at the lodge.

-Fishing license.

-Fishing equipment.

-Tips for the fishing guides.

-Travel insurance.

-Excess baggage.

Important information

– It is important that you bring a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate.

– Weight limits in domestic flights are 15 kg (33 lbs.) for checked baggage and 5 kg (11lbs) for hand luggage. Don’t bring excessive amounts of clothing as the lodge offers a laundry service.

– Airlines charge around $4 USD for each overweight kilogram in your luggage.

– For European citizens, it is not required to issue a Colombian visa. Your valid passport and flight tickets (return tickets are a must) will be all you need to be granted access to the country.

Fishing Eequipment

In order to catch a peacock bass a special outfit is required. For example, you may need a spinning or spin-cas heavy rod and reel. It is advisable to choose a 2500 or 4000 spinning reel.

On the other hand, the braided line Varivas Super PE 0.30 mm 24 kg is needed if you don’t want the peacock bass to break the line. We suggest to also use a fluorocarbon leader, such as the Varivas Shock Leader of 70 or 80 lbs.

Regarding the lures, anything that shines, like the spinnerbaits or other baiting spoons, work just fine.

Lures that imitate small fish like the jerkbaits, stickbaits, poppers and propellers are essential to catch this fish specimen as they can withstand the aggressiveness of the fish. In fact, they can actually help you catch vampire fish.

When Peacock Bass don’t want the noisy lures, we suggest you use a bucktail fishing lure.

If we talk about colors, natural colors tend to work just fine. Don’t forget white, yellow, orange or firetiger.