Bahía Solano

Bahía Solano is a municipality of the Pacific Coast of Colombia. It is located in the Darién Gap, near the border with Panama.


This is an uncharted territory for the sport fishing field and will certainly become one of the   new destinations for the spinning and jigging enthusiasts.

The fish variety that these waters offer is important as it is possible to bump into species like the seabream, the horse mackerel, the golden dorado, the tarpon, and the roosterfish, among some tuna and sailfish varieties.

It is possible to fish in the Bahía Solano’s waters all year round. In fact, you may be able to have a once in a lifetime experience while fishing, as this is an important whale watching destination during the months of July and October.

Finally, it is worth considering Bahía Solano as the perfect destination for a memorable fishing experience as the Colombian government has declared this site as an exclusive zone for artisanal fishing. The use of trammel nets has been prohibited and industrial fishing is not allowed either.



Fishing agenda

Day 1: Arrival at Medellin’s International Airport José María Cordova. Reception at the airport and transfer to a 5-star hotel.

Day 2: Flight from Medellin to Bahía Solano.

Day 3 to 8: You will enjoy 6 full days of fishing with extended hours of fishing time.

Day 9: Flight from Bahía Solano to Medellin. Transportation to the hotel.

Day 10: Flight back to country of origin.

Wat does it include?

The following items are included:

-6 days of fishing.

-Accommodation in Bahía Solano (double room). *If you wish to get a single room, a $25 USD additional charge will apply per day.

-All meals and drinks during your stay at Bahía Solano (hard liquors are not included).

-Fishing guide and sailor for the boat.

-A 36-foot-long boat to fish with comfort.

-Loan of low-end and high-end fishing equipment to perform popping, jigging and trolling. Some of the brands of the available equipment are Shimano, Daiwa and Penn. The client is responsible for the damage or loss of the loaned equipment.

-Accommodation in Medellin before and after going to Bahía Solano in a 5-star hotel. The accommodation is provided in a double room; furthermore, breakfast is included. * If you wish to get a single room, a $45 USD additional charge will apply per day.


What is not included?

-Flight from country of origin to Medellin.

-Meals and drinks in Medellin.

– Tips for the guides.

-Fishing license.

-Travel insurance.

-Excess baggage.




Important Information

– Weight limit in domestic flights in Colombia is of 10kg for your hold luggage and of 3kg for your hand luggage. The airline may charge you around $3 USD per each additional kilogram in your luggage.

– For European citizens, it is not required to issue a Colombian visa. Your valid passport and flight tickets (return tickets are a must) will be all you need to be granted access to the country.


Fishing equipment

Something that the saltwater fish in Colombia have in common is their strength and size. This is why, you should be well-equipped and ready to not lose the fight with our dreamed fish.

Depending on the fishing conditions, you may need a special fishing rod. A heavy fishing rod of 60 or 70 lbs. may be required for open waters where the fish are not close to rocks. On the contrary, a 90 lbs. fishing rod may also be of help to finally catch your desired fish.

Regarding fishing reels, we suggest a reliable and resistant one such as the Shimano Twin Power 8000 SWBPG as well as a lighter one.

We also suggest a 90 lbs. fishing line for rocky places where strength is vital to take the fish out of the water without breaking the line. In addition, a 70 lbs. fishing line will be of help for large shores or open waters. We suggest the Varivas Casting PE SMP in its PE 4 and PE 6 versions.

Regarding leader, you could use for those fish that are found near rocks or weeds, we advise a 140 lbs. line such as the Varivas Casting Shock Leader Maguro.

Feel free to choose the lure you wish; however, we suggest you consider the following models:

Poppers: Roosta Pop 160, Feed Popper 150.

Stickbaits: Magnum Z Claw, Sébile Stick Shad 155 et 182, Zerek Zappelin (sinking and floating versions), Rough Trail Aomasa S.

Jerbaits: Tackle House K-Ten BKS 140 et 175.

Jigs:  Any shape, just make sure they weigh between 120 grams and 200 grams.

The colors that these lures should be the basic ones. Those that never fail are the natural ones, the white one and some striking colors like the white-yellow, orange or firetiger.

The rings and treble hooks that come with the lures do not usually hold the pressure these fish can produce; that is why we advise you bring some extra ones to change them whenever it is needed. Rings of 100 lbs. and 200 lbs. do well depending on the lure you use. Regarding the treble hooks, brands like Owner or Decoy offer a great unparalleled catalog of products that fulfill all your fishing needs. We also suggest you use simple fishing hooks in order not to hurt the fish when unhooking it and to make this process a lot easier for you.

No matter what you choose, make sure that you bring the lures you trust in.